How to Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming From the USA

How to Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming From the USA

The NBA tournament is the biggest basketball event in the USA. Every year all basketball fans wait to watch the finals. The NBA Finals 2021 live streaming will start in July. The full schedule is yet to be published. But to prepare to enjoy the exciting game, you should know which channels will broadcast the event.

If you’re residing in the USA, this article will help you with that. Continue reading till the end to get all the information regarding watching the NBA finals on your TV.

How to Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming From the USA

How to Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming From the USA

This year, a total of four channels will broadcast the playoff round as well as the finals. Here we’ve mentioned what those TV channels are and how you can watch them.


ABC is a popular television network in the USA. It covers a wide range of media and sports. This year they have the exclusive right to telecast the finals of the NBA. The contract stays till 2025. So, even in the next few years, you can watch NBA tournaments on ABC.

Most cable network providers in the US offer ABC on TV. So, if you’re subscribed to one, try to find it on your channel list. Besides, you also can watch ABC online. Go to their website or download the official app. Then login with information from your TV provider and enjoy.


ESPN is popular worldwide for streaming sports events. It offers almost every major sports tournament like basketball, golf, tennis, rugby, and much more. Besides the live coverage, ESPN also offers an in-depth analysis of the game with an expert panel. So, after every game, you can have a more detailed look at it.

Similar to ABC, you also can watch ESPN on your TV or stream online. If you don’t have access to any cable network, you can purchase a subscription to ESPN from their website.


NBA TV is an official streaming channel owned and operated by the National Basketball Association. You can watch NBA finals 2021 live streaming on this channel with a little amount of subscription fee. It will cover the whole basketball tournament. Besides, you can watch finals of previous seasons anytime on demand.

The subscription fee for NBA TV is $59.99 per year. If you want to purchase a monthly plan, it will cost you only $6.99 per month. We recommend purchasing the yearly plan for every basketball fan. So, you don’t have to worry about watching other basketball events too.


TNT will also stream this year’s NBA Finals. You can watch TNT with their subscription plan. It is also available on cable networks. Besides, if you have a subscription to any streaming platforms like Roku tv, youtube tv, at&t, or others, you will also get to watch TNT.

Can I Watch the Whole NBA tournament only on one Channel?

Can I Watch the Whole NBA tournament only on one Channel

Sadly, if you want to enjoy the whole play-in, play-off, and finals of the NBA, you can’t rely on only one channel. The four channels mentioned above are the official broadcaster of the NBA tournament. Different playoff games will be telecasted on different channels.

So, if you want to enjoy the whole tournament, you’ll have to subscribe to all the channels. Not to mention, that will be expensive. Therefore, our suggestion is instead of subscribing to individual channels, subscribe to a cable network. If you prefer without cable, then go for Hulu, Roku, Sling, or other online tv streaming platforms.

Final Words

In July, the whole world will sit in front of the tv to watch NBA Finals 2021 live streaming. If you live in the USA, these four channels are your options. We all are excited to see who wins the title this year.