why soccer balls are black and white

Why are Soccer Balls Black and White

A popular game played by 20 million people in around 140 countries of the world is Soccer. Soccer is essential to play nowadays for everyone because it promotes strength, endurance, fitness, and health.

There are many other reasons for the popularity of this game, such as it is quite simple. What you need? A flat open area, a soccer ball, and a group of your friends.

Everyone knows it better to know everything about Play and items used to play to become a good player in any game. What is a more important thing in Soccer? Of course, the Soccer ball.

So a good soccer player must know about the soccer ball. While we look at the soccer ball, we see its color, always black and white. Why is it chosen for the soccer ball black and white color?

We will provide you detailed information about why soccer balls are black and white in our article below.

Why Black and White Soccer balls used in Play?

Why Black and White Soccer balls used in Play

Soccer balls have passed a long history started from the days of inflated pig’s bladders leather-covered patches. Then vulcanized rubber replaced the pig’s bladders leather with unchanged clunky leather patches.

But the shape of the modern soccer ball as we know it began from midway through the 20th century, which soon followed by famous black and white markings.

Soccer Ball name as Buckyball:

Before mid of 20-century soccer ball was called a Buckyball. Why it called Buckyball? The reason behind this name is that an architecture Richard Buckminster Fuller. At that time, he was trying to build a building with a minimum quantity of materials when he came across the shape.

Buckyball was a famous name among the general public and players, but the official name was spherical polyhedron. Because that ball was perfectly spherical. That ball composed of 32 panels, out of which 12 were pentagons and 20 were hexagons.

The Telstar Replaced Buckyball:

The Telstar Become Tradition

In 1970 Soccer world cup was held in Mexico, where the famous first-time black and white markings were used on the soccer ball. This ball named Telstar, and the reason was to help the viewers to see the ball clearly on Television.

Why was it necessary to give white and black patterns on ball? Because televisions were mostly black and white that time. Viewers could face a problem to identify the soccer ball without markings on it.

The Telstar Become Tradition:

Until 2006 all world cups from 1970 used Telstar design soccer balls for play matches. It became a tradition, and other domestic leagues also embraced Telstar design. The reason for using that design domestically and internationally was the same as before.

To create ease for the viewers to watch matches on black and white televisions. But the pattern for black pentagons and white hexagons remains unchanged.

Jabulani Soccer ball:

We lives in a world of inventions; everything is going to be changed with time. With the advancement of technology, black and white televisions were utterly replaced with color televisions.

So there was no problem for the viewers to identify the patterns and colors of soccer ball. Manufacturers of soccer balls introduced a Telstar soccer ball replacement in the 2010 world cup in South Africa. That soccer ball was called Jabulani.

Jabulani was made of synthetic plastic that carried original marking. The design changed the panel arrangement entirely. It was claimed as a technologically advanced design.

But many of the match officials, players, coaches complained about jabulani inferior quality than Telstar. Telstar again started to use and still prevalent in soccer games worldwide. There is no replacement for Telstar till that time.

Final Thoughts:

You have known about a soccer ball and, why black and white patterns are used in Soccer balls. Soccer is the world number one and most popular game. Millions of people love to play and watch this game. If you are a player or a lover of this game, then now you know it well about a soccer ball and its black and white patterns.

We have tried our best to provide you right information about why are soccer balls black and white. We researched and share every bit of information with you. Learn more about best soccer ball here…