Us Open Golf 2021 live Stream

US Open Golf 2021 live Stream: Official Broadcasting Channel for Every Country

From which country will you be watching the US Open Golf 2021 live stream? Do you know which broadcasting channel will telecast the tournament in your country? If not, then read this article till the end. Golf is a popular sport worldwide. So, people around the world watch the four major golf tournaments every year. The upcoming major event in the US Open. We’ve made a list of all the official broadcasters of the event around the world.

Official Broadcasting Channel for the US Open Golf Championship in Every Country

Broadcasting Channel for the US Open Golf Championship

Every year USGA arranges the event. They try to partner with different channels covering almost every country in the world. Still, some countries may not telecast the tournament. Check the list below to find which tv channel will telecast the US Open Golf in your country:

Argentina: ESPN

Australia: FOX Sports Australia

Austria: Sky Deutschland

Bangladesh: Fox Network Group Singapore

Belgium: BETV

Bolivia: ESPN

Brazil: ESPN

Canada: TSN

Chile: ESPN


China: FOX Network Group Singapore

Colombia: ESPN

Costa Rica: ESPN

Croatia: United Media

Denmark: Nordic Entertainment Group

Finland: Sanoma Media

France: Canal Plus France

Germany: Sky Deutschland

Greece: Nova Sports

India: FOX Network Group

Indonesia: FOX Network Group

Ireland: SKY UK

Italy: SKY Italia

Japan: Hakuhodo DY Media Partners

Korea: FOX Network Group Singapore

Malaysia: FOX Network Group Singapore

Mexico: ESPN

Netherlands: Ziggo Sports

New Zealand: Sky Network TV Ltd.

Nigeria: Supersport

Norway: Nordic Entertainment Group

Pakistan: FOX Network Group Singapore

Panama: ESPN

Philippines: FOX Network Group Singapore

Poland: Golf Channel

Portugal: Sport TV Portugal S.A.

Republic of Korea: SBS Medianet

Russia: Discovery

Singapore: FOX Network Group Singapore

South Africa: Supersport

Spain: Telefónica

Sweden: Nordic Entertainment Group

Switzerland: Canal Plus France

Uganda: Supersport

United Kingdom: Sky UK

United States: NBC

Zimbabwe: Supersport

This is the list of the official broadcasting partners for every country. If you haven’t found your country, read the following point.

My Country isn’t on the list; how can I watch the US Open Golf Championship?

Many of you get worried about not finding the name of your country. But let us assure you, regardless of your location, you can watch the US Open Golf 2021 live stream. There are multiple other ways too. However, check here often to find the updated list.

You can watch the live streaming on different social media sites. However, they’re not official broadcasters. Usually, golf fans share a live stream of the events. So you can expect them to share the live stream of the US Open also.

how can I watch the US Open Golf Championship

Another way is to by changing your online location with VPN and Smart DNS Proxy. If you set your location to the USA, you’ll have access to different golf streaming sites. From there you can watch the whole tournament.

Final Thoughts

As golf fans, we know how important it is to watch the full US Open Golf 2021 live stream. Therefore we made this list for you. Hope you found this article helpful to find a way to watch the event. Now all you’ve to do is wait for the exciting event to start.