How to Remove Nail Gun Nails

How to Remove Nail Gun Nails?

Nail gun offers you plenty of uses for nail the fencing and to use on other hard surfaces. But it is common, especially when the surface is too rigid or you may not correctly load the nails in the nail gun. But once pins are stuck in the nail gun, it stops the nail gun from working.

It becomes necessary for you to remove the nails from the nail gun to make it properly functioning. Suppose you have the best cordless nail gun for fencing, but nails stick in the gun, and you need to remove the pins from a nail gun. Read the below content and remove nails easily from the cordless gun.

Step by Step procedure to remove nail gun nails?

Step by Step procedure to remove nail gun nails

When you are using the best cordless nail gun for fencing, you may see a little bit of difference in the process of removing the nails, depending upon the model. But the basic procedure is the same for all models. You will see the below procedure working for most of the cordless and other nail guns.

Unplug the nail gun

No matter whatever type of nail gun you are using, you need a power source for the gun. But before going to remove the nails from the nail gun, it is essential and essential for your safety that unplugs the nail gun from the power source.

Cordless guns work on the battery, or maybe your machine is working with an air hose; unplug the battery or air hose to make your nail gun secure to operate.

Release the Magazine

The next task is to release the nail gun lever. If you have refilled the gun complete with nails, then it will allow you to remove the stuck pins to end your fixing efforts right there.

But unfortunately, every model does not have that lever to release, so if you do not see any lever, you will need to open the magazine of the nail gun to remove the nails from the nail gun.

Mostly the nail guns come with a flip-style mechanism on the gun’s nose, which offers the nail gun magazine to open by sliding the magazine. But if you notice that the magazine is badly jammed, you should use some helping tool to open the magazine.

You can use pair of pliers or a claw hammer to open the magazine, but hit it in a gentle way to open the magazine. When you see it slides after colliding with a hammer, then open the magazine.

Remove nails from a nail gun.

Once you have opened the magazine, now identify the jammed nails in the magazine; it is pretty easy to find because you will quickly see the kilter positions of the nails. Now try to dislodge the jammed nails; for that purpose, you can use the tip of the nail, or claw portion of the hammer, or the pair of pliers.

This process may take some time; it depends on the position and condition of jammed nails. Sometimes it removes within a couple of seconds; otherwise, you may spend five to ten minutes removing the nails.

Once you have removed the jammed nails from the magazine, you will also need to remove all other nails from the magazine, no matter you see the nails are appropriately filled in the magazine.

After removing the nails from the magazine, check the nail gun nose to check the damage; if the gun is damaged, you need to repair it first. But if the nail gun is OK, then refill the nails in the magazine.

Refill the nails in the nail gun

Take fresh nails and refill the guns according to the manufacturer’s instructions in the nail gun magazine; once you have refilled the nails, close and lock the nail gun nose.

Before setting for the work, it is necessary to check it, plug the nail gun with the power source and test the nail gun. If you find the gun is fine, then complete your remaining fencing task.

Final Thoughts

Cordless nail guns are widely used for fencing, but during use, it is common that your nail gun stops working due to sticking nails in the nail gun. You will only work again after removing the nails.

The process of removing nails from nail guns is simple; we have also guided you. If you face that problem, then follow the above simple guidelines and remove nails from your best cordless nail gun for fencing.