Masters 2021 Live Stream

Masters 2021 Live Stream: How Much Money & Rewards will the Winner Get?

The Masters is one of the biggest golf tournaments, and the reward is massive. Since the start, the prize pool is getting larger every two or three years. And this year the Winner will also pack a big amount in the pocket.

Golf is considered as the ‘Rich Man’s Sport‘. It doesn’t mean you have to be rich to play golf, but due to the high cost of instruments and courses, mostly rich people play this game. So, what the term suggests, the prize money also reflects that.

Total Prize Money of The Masters 2021

Total Prize Money of The Masters 2021

This year the total prize money is set to a total of $11.5 million. In 2018 the amount was $11 million, then last year it increased by $500k. This year the sum remains the same as last year.

No, the champion will not get all the money. It is the total amount and will be distributed among the Winner, runner-up, and other performers.

However, the players who will earn a spot on the weekend tee sheet will have a higher payout than last year because the money will be distributed among 60 players, which is 5 less than last year’s.

The Winner of The Masters 2021 will get a check of $2.07 million. That’s a heavy sum of money. And the runner up will also get a good amount of money, a $1.24 million check.

The professional players who will miss the tee sheet will also get $10k each. You should not miss the Masters 2021 Live Stream to know who gets the highest amount. The stream will be available on different platforms.

What Else the Winner Will Get?

What Else the Winner Will Get

The most famous reward of the Masters is the iconic Green Jacket. This year also, the Winner will get this jacket. This is a lightweight woollen jacket awarded to the champion since 1949.

 After winning it, the champion will always wear it when on the next year’s club. The Green Jacket is presented inside the famous Butler Cabin.

Besides, the Champion also gets a trophy. A silver replica of The Masters. It is given to the champion as soon as the tournament ends. And that’s not all, the Winner of The Masters 2021 will also get a gold medal.

That is all for the Winner. The runner-up will get a medal too which is made of silver and will also receive a silver salver. The amateurs who will make it to the tee sheet will also get a silver cup.

The most common way to win an award at the Masters is by making an eagle. All the performers are eligible to do it. And the successful players will get a pair of crystal highball glasses.


The Masters is well known for its prizes pool because no other events in the sports industry deliver these many awards. If you want to know who will get these prizes this year, you better watch Masters 2021 Live Stream. It will be interesting to see who gets the $2.07 million and the historic green jacket.