How to Repair Brakes on a Car

How to Repair Brakes on a Car?

One of the common vehicles that everyone using is a car but we who know how to use it do not know how to repair it so here you people can get the instruction for repairing the brake system on a car. Mostly the brake problems come when the brake line gets worn out or damaged by something. Driving safety is not only wearing seat belts but checking the condition of a car’s brake line is also considered as a safety thing. So do check the brake whenever you are going outside. Maintaining a car regularly is one of the most essential things so try to read out the following points.

There are several steps to repair brakes on a car and those steps are given here. The first step is when you are decided to repair your car’s front brake line then it is very essential to buy a new suitable hose from the spare parts store. With the help of safety equipment’s you should remove the front wheel. But it is not necessary to remove the wheel but if you remove it then it is very easy to repair the brake line so only. Usually, one upper support arm that holds the brake line so unscrew the brake line from the rigid brake line then unscrew from the caliper. In that place, there is a copper gasket and change it. Then install the new brake line and make sure there is no thread on the fitting part.

Then fill the master cylinder with fluid and reinstall the cap. Use a safety glass and then fix the fluid into the container. After doing these processes then tightened the bleed screw and pump the brake. Finally, check whether air on the brake line is released or not and after confirmation then travel in it. So these are all the steps to repair the brake line on a car.

How to change the brake line pads in a car?

How to change the brake line pads in a car

Do not take your car to the mechanical shop for changing the brake line pad because it is a very simple and cheaper task. So do not waste your time and money on changing it at shops. Try to follow the below steps and fix it in your own experience. There are three steps in changing the brake line pads and step one is to buy a suitable brake pad for your car. And those pads are available at every auto spare part store or you people can order it on the internet. Do not think buying the costly branded brake pads is the best because every pad is the same and buy anyone from it. The second step is making sure your car is cooled down because you cannot change the pads if it is temperature is high. The third step is loosening the lug nuts and do not loosen all the tires in your car. After that, you can change the brake line pad very smoothly.