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How to add a user to my Instagram account?

Adding a new user to my Instagram account will be a very simple way. This could help to give an accessing permission to the particular user, who is added by you. For adding a new user to my Instagram account just open the settings, and then go to the people page. After that, you can see the add new people on the top right of the page. Just click on that and add a new user who you want to permit to access your account. And then click assign assets and select their pages, account name, ad accounts, or product catalogs. Assets is known as permission; you just allow the actions that particular asset only be accessed by the new user. Some assets like camera, video, following, likes, posts, stories, and so on. Once you give the allow option for a particular asset only the new user can access if you deny any option that is not accessible for that new user. After giving the assigned asset process click the option called save changes. Then only your editing details will be stored and perform your needed works on Instagram. And once again check whether your details are saved or not.

How to add another account with my Instagram account?

How to add another account with my Instagram account

Adding another account is useful for the person who may have more than one account like a profession and for personal. To add more than one account click your profile which is available in the bottom right corner. After that, you can be able to see your posts, followers, and followings. On the top corner, you will see one option called navigation bar click that. Then in the bottom, the settings button will be displayed just on that. Once you click the settings button you see plenty of options like privacy, security, notification, payments, add account, log out, login account lists, and so on. On that page, click the add account option just enter your user name or email id and password. Finally, click log in. Now you can view your second account details. If you want to switch over your two different accounts means just move again to the setting and instagram hesap çalma. This will be an easy and simple way to add more than account on Instagram and switching up one to another.

How to switch over the professional account from a personal account?

How to switch over the professional account from a personal account

Switching over between the personal account to professional account very simple. Click the settings button, there is an option available for switch between different accounts. Then click the account field in the page, once you click it page will be navigated to the next page in that click switch to professional account button. Once you click it you can have different features such as create a free professional account, learn about your followers, And so on. Just click the continue button and select a category that you are interested in. After selecting your interesting category click the next button. Finally, Instagram asks you from a verification message switch to a professional account just click the ok button. This will be an easy way to switch over the accounts.