Bathrooms Ideas

Bathrooms Ideas – 1930s Art Deco Bathroom Idea: Traditional Bathrooms For The 21st Century Homeowner

Hard to make a decision about the style and period to adopt for a bathroom renovation? It is not really that difficult to get bathrooms ideas, an long as one is prepared to search online, where the resources to expand one’s mind and ideas are vast and enormous.

There is a trend today that sees people leaning towards the traditional vintage bathroom. Antique bathrooms ideas are now, more than ever, gaining prominence, and designers and homemakers are embracing this style again. It’s a ‘blast from the past’.

Vintage bathrooms are like vintage art reproductions from a bygone chic era, and one of those bygone styles ‘ that takes the cake’ when it comes to searching for bathrooms ideas is the Art Deco bathroom

The Antique Art Deco Bathroom

The Antique Art Deco Bathroom

The Art Deco style, which was highly popular in the 1930s, was a unique style that consists of various themes of cubism, and at that time embodied a futuristic aspect which today, is still stylishly relevant. So interested homeowners and those in the building industry will find great bathrooms ideas within the Art Deco style.

Shapes of Art Deco designs were abstract but generally geometric, and there was a great sense of flamboyance in layouts. And even with this flamboyance, there were distinct clean lines and still a form of minimalism.

Bathrooms ideas chosen must be based on rooms that are styled to be clean, crisp and uncluttered, with all surfaces clear of all manner of bathroom notions or toiletries. There must be storage for virtually everything, with the vanity chest storing such items, and medicine chests to store medications.

12 Art Deco Bathrooms Ideas

12 Art Deco Bathrooms Ideas
  • Clean and free of the usual bathroom clutter.
  • Shiny chrome taps and bathroom accessories.
  • Sparse wall adornments such as an unframed mirror or very few pictures.
  • Angular shaped wall light fixtures in stainless steel, chrome or aluminium mounted with frosted glass shades
  • Dominant chequered patterns, especially on the floor.
  • Complete tiling of the bathroom.
  • Dramatic mixes of black and white
  • Popular colour themes – peach, pink, mustard, with white or grey.
  • Minimalism on the walls, with a few striking posters.
  • Extensive use of materials such as lacquer, stainless steel, inlaid wood and zebra skin rugs.
  • Walls painted in shades of sweet pastel colours such as soft greens and blues.
  • Sleek tall black vases with a single tall silk plants.

Bathrooms Ideas Serve As A Guide

These antique Art Deco bathrooms ideas are meant to act as a guide, so as to have a feel of what to expect in an Art Deco bathroom. However, for effectiveness in the interpretation of the style, it is good that the whole Art Deco bathroom theme be adopted.

Some designers, though, have successfully created a blend of the old and the new, so for those who do not want to adopt the theme in all totality, a mix that features Art Deco details prominently will work equally well.

The Art Deco Bathroom Is Timeless

A vintage style classic bathroom is a luxurious bathroom and the styles keep appearing time and time again over decades. A century ago, having a luxurious bathroom was uncommon amongst many people, and was the sole preserve of people of means.

Today, anyone can aspire to own a dream bathroom, and with the influence of the internet, there are thousands and thousands of bathrooms ideas that will wet the appetite of, even the uninterested, in interior decoration works. So with these basic elements of bathrooms ideas of the Art Deco movement, the bathroom planning stage may commence.