How to Clean Hair Straightener Plates?

How to Clean Hair Straightener Plates?

Like other machines with the time and use hair straightener also become dirty and their performance gets affected with such dirt, dust, and other impurities.

Whether you use the hair straightener regularly or after some time, it needs proper maintenance and cleaning.

The hair straightener’s essential part is its plates, with use plates of the hair straightener become faulty and we need a proper cleaning of plates.

Maybe it looks you a simple task to clean its plates, but it also needs proper cleaning; otherwise, you will make your plates faulty.

How I clean plates of my hair straightener?

How I clean plates of my hair straightener?

It is not a much technical task, but it needs proper care; below is a step by step guide for properly cleaning the plates of hair straightener without causing any damage.

Step one:

First of all, take a cleaner and spritz the plate of your best cordless hair straightener with that cleaner. You can get any of the cleaners; many cleaners are only made for cleaning hair straighteners.

If you do not have a proper cleaner, then you can also use alcohol for cleaning. Pour the liquid on the surface of the plates and leave it for five minutes.

Never put the cleaner on the hot plates; it may cause burn due to alcohol, so only use it when plates are cool.

Step Two:

Now take a toothbrush, dip it in the cleaner or the alcohol, rub it on the plates’ small parts, and make sure you have adequately cleaned them. But do not take too much alcohol with a brush.

Most of these stains or stubborn are due to the use of hairspray and gel for styling our hairs, so rub the plates gently with bristles of the toothbrush and clean all the surface and internal parts where you cannot deal with fingers.

Step Three:

Now take soft cotton or cloth and gently remove the stains and stubborn, do not apply much force.

With your gentle rubbing, all stains will be removed; if you face difficulty, use some alcohol and rub it again.

Step Four:

Now check the plates from all sides and angles, is there any damage that needs repair.

Also, check that is there any scratches; if there you find scratches of minor nature, you can remove them by proper cleaning with alcohol, but if not removed, then take professional services.

If you do not consider these damages, it will affect your hair straightener’s performance and may cause damage to your hairs.

Step Five:

Now deals with the small and inside parts of the plates where you cannot enter the toothbrush take, a small portion of cotton and insert it inside and clean them.

Once you have cleaned check, the hair straightener’s functioning makes sure it is working fine.

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Final Thoughts:

Plates of the hair straightener are essential and need proper cleaning after some time, but we should adequately clean them to avoid any damage. You can clean your hair straightener plates yourself by following the above guidelines.