What Is NooLVL and What Does It Do?

Nutrition 21’s nooLVL is a new sports nutrition ingredient tailored to the gaming and eSports market. It’s a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate and inositol that’s supposed to increase processing speed, executive function and energy.

Human clinical testing in eSport athletes showed nooLVL improves reaction time, accuracy and focus while reducing errors and perceived fatigue. It also enhances perception of vigor and increases energy.

It’s a Non-Stimulant Nootropic Ingredient

A new clinically proven patented ingredient from the minds at Nutrition21, nooLVL has been specifically formulated to support esports gamers. The ingredient is designed to enhance mental endurance by reducing fatigue, improving focus and memory, and improving reaction time.

It works by promoting nitric oxide production in the brain to enhance blood flow, thereby increasing oxygen and nutrients delivery to cognitively active tissues. This patented blend of bonded arginine silicate and inositol has been shown to be superior to L-arginine and has higher bioavailability.

In a recent clinical study, nooLVL was shown to improve short-term memory and reaction time in esports gamers when compared to those who took a placebo. The scientists behind this study also found that nooLVL improved accuracy in the Trail Making Test and Stroop Test — two important tests for evaluating short-term memory.

It’s a Non-Stimulant Energy Booster

We included nooLVL in our esports product, UNLOAD, because we believe it’s one of the best ingredients on the market to deliver heightened focus+ and energy+ without any of the unwanted side effects that come from more hardcore stimulants like caffeine. It’s a patented ingredient from the bright minds at Nutrition21 who also developed Nitrosigine, and it was the first cognitive booster that was clinically tested on gamers in a gold standard double-blind placebo-controlled study1.

NooLVL is composed of Bonded Arginine Silicate with an additional dose of inositol. Arginine naturally converts into nitric oxide to support blood flow to the brain, but bonded arginine silicate prevents its undesired breakdown3,4. In the aforementioned clinical study, subjects who took nooLVL performed better in a variety of cognitive tests (such as the Trail Making Test and the Stroop Test), had faster completion times on the tasks, and reported higher levels of self-reported energy than those taking a placebo5. This is due to its non-stimulant nature that doesn’t negatively affect heart rate or blood pressure, unlike many energy drinks on the market today.

It’s a Non-Stimulant Focus Booster

A patented ingredient of bonded arginine silicate and optimized dose of inositol, nooLVL is caffeine-free and has been clinically tested in esports gamers to boost cognitive performance without negatively impacting heart rate or blood pressure. Developed by the maker of Nitrosigine, nooLVL works fast and safe to provide heightened FOCUS+, ENERGY and CREATIVITY without the jitters or crash of caffeine-based supplements.

Gaming is fast-paced and requires a lot of mental stamina and concentration. However, after hours of playing, gamers’ reaction times can dwindle making them more prone to errors and less capable of thinking on their feet. nooLVL reduces fatigue, enhances working memory and increases processing speed and task switching. It also boosts selective attention and improves emotional control. It’s the first cognition-boosting ingredient to be clinically studied specifically in eSports gamers. That’s why we included it in our pre-workout UNLOAD.

It’s a Non-Stimulant Memory Booster

A key benefit for gamers is that nooLVL can increase their reaction times, which helps them make decisions quickly. This can improve their accuracy and reduce errors, which are important factors in gaming success.

Gamers also need to have good short-term memory, as they need to recall information rapidly during a game. Research has shown that nooLVL can help with this, as it increases the retention of new information.

This non-stimulant ingredient from Nutrition 21 has been clinically tested specifically in a gaming supplement, with participants performing better on a Trail Making Test and Stroop Test after taking nooLVL versus placebo. It was found to work within 15 minutes and to increase energy++, focus+, and accuracy+.


It is a patented complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate with an additional optimized dose of inositol to boost brain nitric oxide and enhance cognitive performance. It was formulated and studied specifically for the esports gaming market, but it may also be useful for people who need enhanced cognition for any demanding mental activity.