The maximum field of a 3D laser scanner

3D laser scanners are one of the best ways to scan objects, whether for architecture or industrial design. The scanner can work with any object, no matter its size or shape and scanning an object is very fast. 3D laser scanners are great for capturing details in real life that cannot be seen by the human eye. It captures all the details about an object in a single scan and creates a virtual model which can be rotated 360 degrees to see every angle of it.

What is a 3D laser scanner maximum field?

The maximum field of view (FOV) for this device is 360x360x1mm. This means that an object with a size smaller than 1mm will not appear at all in the scan. This is a very narrow FOV and so great care should be taken to ensure that an object doesn’t move within this distance during a scan as it will not show up in the model at all, you can find out more. Although, the scanner can still be used for large objects with a similar size as long as they are stationary or moving slowly enough.

Why use field radius?

A field radius allows you to specify which parts of the scan should still remain after measuring distances and structures on the surface for accurate measurements without cutting your object in half or extending one side as far as another side.

In order for a 3D laser scanner to work efficiently and create a 3D model of an object, it needs to be able to know how far it should scan. A laser scanner works with any shape because it can work around almost any shape and no matter its size or the size of the scanning object.

How to set your field radius in 3D laser scanner?

In order to know how to set your field radius in a 3D laser scanner, you need to first read the manual that came with your scanner. Once you have done that, it is a simple process. From here, you will be able to project into the distance and measure the area of objects. The maximum field of a 3D laser scanner is 360x360x1mm.

The benefits of using field radius in surveying

The purpose of field radius is to create an accurate scan that does not cut your objects in half or extend one side as far as the other. For example, if you are measuring a window with your 3D scanner, you want to make sure that both sides of the window are captured and not just one.

If you don’t use field radius, then there will be errors with measurements. For example, if you are measuring how far apart two object are through your 3D scanner using just one of them then it will think the two are closer together than they actually are.

Field radius has its limitations too though which is why you must first read the manual that came with your 3D scanner. This is because you might need to measure large objects which are outside of the radius or close to an edge.


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