How Much Is Heavy Duty Towing

How Much Is Heavy Duty Towing?

If you need to tow a large object, you need a heavy-duty truck. The size of the truck determines how much it can tow, as does the torque and horsepower of the engine. A smaller truck will likely be unable to tow a large object, and it could cause more damage to the object than it’s worth. But larger trucks are necessary for the biggest jobs, and they are the safest bet if you need to move a big trailer.

Light-duty towing

Light-duty towing

When looking for a Santa Clara towing company, you’ll need to consider the type of vehicle you’re towing. Light duty towing vehicles are ideal for towing lighter loads and aren’t built for towing heavy-duty vehicles. You can also ask for more information about the type of vehicle towing before making a decision. A Chevrolet Silverado is one of the best light-duty trucks, and you’ll find out more about its features in our review.

Class A vs. Class B trucks

A truck can be classified as either a Class A Type B depending on its purpose. Straight trucks, for example, carry cargo in a body mounted to the chassis, while box trucks, on the other hand, have a cargo space that’s cubic. For example, a dump truck with a small trailer must have a GVWR of less than 10,000 pounds, while a food truck needs a higher GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating).

Types of tow trucks

Tow trucks can be classified as light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty. The choice depends on the type of service you need and the size and weight of the vehicle you need to tow. Light-duty tow trucks are used for smaller, routine towing jobs, such as private vehicle towing, traffic collisions, and abandoned vehicles. Heavy-duty tow trucks can handle loads as large as 17000 pounds.


If you are a professional trucker, you may have used heavy duty towing services at some point in your career. Although these services are extremely valuable and necessary, the cost associated with them can be staggering. If you follow a few tips, you can minimize your heavy duty towing expenses. Keep in mind that the price of a heavy duty tow may be higher than you would think, but there are many ways to reduce your expenses.


Heavy duty towing is the process of transporting large vehicles. This includes trucks and semi-trucks, farm equipment, shipping containers, and heavy-duty cars. Heavy-duty towing requires specialized equipment and special training. The best way to ensure that the load is transported safely is to choose a company that has experience in this type of towing. In addition to using the right equipment, a specialized heavy-duty tow truck is also a good choice if you plan to tow a number of vehicles at once.